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3 Historic Destinations to Explore in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is literally the economic hub of Germany because all the major undertaking related to finance and the economy has to be related to Frankfurt. If you visit Frankfurt, you will get the essence of North America, this is mostly because the city of Frankfurt is completely unique from other German cities. The city is dominated by massive skylines, high-rise buildings.

Here are some of the best places you can explore while you are in Frankfurt for one day:

The Old Opera House

The Old Opera House has been in German culture for ages and Frankfurt was one of the chief cities to embrace the culture. The old opera house has a long history and is full of nostalgia. It was built in 1880 but due to World War II it was completely in ruins but it was rebuilt and the heritage of the old opera house was restored. It is located at the heart of the opera Platz, the opera Square which is one of the most beautiful places in Frankfurt.


Every city will have that one place which will be located at the heart and Hauptwache is that place. If you are interested in getting a glimpse of the ancient history and modern-day lifestyle of the people then you need to visit Hauptwache. The buildings here serve as a perfect example of the blend of history and modern-day life of the people. The most popular building in Hauptwache is the Baroque guard House which initially started as a militia into a prison and police station and is finally a café.


A trip to Frankfurt is incomplete without visiting the local market. The Kleinmarkthalle is a chief market and you can find many exclusive items sold here from everyday essentials to the famous green sauce of Germany you will find everything.

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