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3 Great Adventurous Destinations in Destin with Endless Outdoor Activities

Destin is situated in Okaloosa County and is famous for its white sandy beaches and amazing outdoor activities. The city is often named the –Worlds Luckiest Fishing village and is home to the largest fishing village fleet in all of Florida. Even if you live in a seemingly perfect town, you can still have that yearning desire to explore like what Truman Burbank displays. In the 1998 movie, Truman was displayed, you can travel there and explore some of the best water playgrounds in the US. Destin, Florida-this region of the Emerald Coast provides you with all kinds of water fun.

Ponce De Leon, Florida

Ponce De Leon is located at the tip of Choctawhatchee River is Morrison Springs a county park with a 250-foot natural springs pool that produces an estimated 48 million gallons of crystal-clear water. It is a popular site for swimming, diving with elevated boardwalks and trees. The water temperature is about 65 degrees year-round; the park is free to enter however it can get crowded at certain times.

Seaside Village

40 miles south of Morrison Springs halfway between Destin and Panama City is the picture-perfect beachside village of Seaside Located in Santa Rosa Beach. Seaside was the location of the filming of Truman’s show in its late 20th century. New urbanist architecture, pastel-colored houses with white porches and white picket fences. This town has been nicknamed Seahaven Island when it looked real, it was a set of reality TV shows but in real life, it was a real operating town.

Timpoochie Trail

Timpoochie Trail is home to an 18mile long biking trail that parallels highway 30a from Dune Allen Beach to inlet beach. Timpoochie Trail is very scenic and you won’t get bored while you are there. Head west on scenic highway 38 for another look at the Timpoochie Trail. About five miles northwest of Central Square is Ridgewalk where you can witness gorgeous brick architecture. A couple of miles away you will also find the amazing Beach State Park.

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