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Great American Inventions That Revolutionized The World Today

The course of American History has changed human standards and improved the quality of life. Whether it’s innovation about seep space exploration or the very basic things for our day-to-day use, America has contributed very much for the betterment of the world. There are countless inventors but only a few of them have been recognized because of their out-of-the-box ideas and ways that lead to their discovery. Some of the greatest inventors with their famous inventions from America include:

1.            Telephone- Alexander Graham Bell, 1876

2.            Dental Floss- Levi Spear Parmly, 1815

3.            Computer- John Blankenbaker

4.            Ford Motor Company: Henry Ford,

5.            Drinking Straw- Marvin Stone, 1888

6.            Ice Cream Soda- Rober M Green, 1874

7.            PhonoGraph- Thomas Alva Edison, 1877

8.            Potato Chips- George Crum, 1853

9.            Toilet Paper- Joseph Gayetty

10.          Telescope- Edwin Hubble, 1990

11.          Electric Fan-Schuyler SkaatsWheeler,  1886

12.          Softball- George Hancock, 1887

13.          Electric Doorbell- Joseph Henry, 1813

14.          Sewing Machine- Walter Hunt, 1833

15.          Plastic- Charles Goodyear

16.          Light Bulb- Thomas Edison, 1879

17.          Cotton Gin-Eli Whitney, 1793

18.          Camera- Steven Sasson, 1975

19.          Ballpoint Pen- John Loud, 1888

20.          Payphone-William Gray, 1889

21.          3D Printing- Charles Hull

22.          Flying Machine-Wright Brothers

23.          First Working typewriter- Christopher Sholes

24.          Machine Gun- Richard Gatling

25.          Disposable Diapers- Marian Donovan

26.          Chocolate Chip Cookie- Ruth Wakefield

27.          Steamboat- Robert Fulton

28.          Vaccine- Jonas Salk

29.          Oil Wells- Edwin Drake

30.          Tire Industry- Robert Goddard

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