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Amazing Attractions in Missouri That Will Blow Your Mind

Missouri offers a host of unique advantages and amenities making it an easy choice for those looking to relocate. Missouri is home to the natural beauty that would put most states to shame beyond the natural appeal-a thriving economy and low cost of living. There’s enough reason to pack and move to America’s heartland. Narrow down your favourite places with the list of attractions we have narrowed for you

Ha Ha Tonk State Park

It is one of the states most treasured gems most famous for housing America’s castle ruins. Ha, Ha Tonk State Park is located along the Lake of the Ozarks; the park also hosts the stone ruins of the castle that was modelled after the 16th-century European castles which sit high atop a bluff.

St Charles

St Charles is one of the oldest cities in Missouri and it has often been ranked as one of the best small towns in the state. This 18th-century town was originally founded by a French fur trade and it initially served as the state’s first capital. The city also played an important role in the Lewis and Clark expedition, where it was last known as the civilized stop on their westward journey.

Onondaga Cave State Park

By heading underground into the depths of Onondaga Cave State Park you will discover a world of magic. You will discover towering stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active flowstones. Soda straws and cave coral also extensively decorate the cave. Visitors can enjoy guided tours to explore the underground and above the ground the parks Vilander Bluff Natural area.


Florissant has been nicknamed as the Beautiful city and is located only a short drive from St Louis along the Missouri River. It offers a pleasant, scenic diversion along with a rich history away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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